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NRI has a wealth of experience in the negotiation, behavioural and communication skills arena, spanning over 30 years. We acutely understand the challenges today’s companies face and how improved people skills can make a real difference to business success.


The NRI approach helps individuals and organisations drive better deals through learning and applying the powers of persuasion and influence in a safe environment, offering a range of learning solutions to develop brilliant negotiators:

  • executive and business coaching
  • negotiation training for buyers, sellers, HR professionals and business professionals
  • negotiation e-learning
  • a range of soft skills such as NLP, SDI, emotional intelligence and accelerated learning techniques.


We adopt a blended learning approach to suit each organisation’s needs and develop talented and confident negotiators. As well as dynamic training courses, we conduct one-to-one negotiation coaching and mentoring and undertake high level negotiations on behalf of, or with, clients. Our complimentary techniques include neuro linguistic programming (NLP), People Dynamics Profiling tools and emotional intelligence (EI).


Building up a range of interpersonal skills enables you to feel more confident and be able to influence, lead, create, innovate, motivate and communicate. NRI offers a team of specialists in the fields of bespoke training solutions and consultancy, with a proven track record. Our methods bring success and a lasting improvement to individuals, teams and organisations throughout the world.

There is a big difference between knowledge and understanding. The NRI approach is designed to give clients the opportunity to turn knowledge into understanding and highly usable skills.

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