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Our online learning platform offers all of our online learning modules, a Resource section full of useful articles, an Assessment section where you can take our Negotiaton Profile amongst other questionnaires, and a Communicty section where you can interact with a community of Negotiation professionals and swap best practise tips.


16 modules across 8 Negotiation competencies.


Assess your own technical skills, complete excercises and dilemmas


Access and download tools, tempplates, research, book reviews and useful links.


A space in which members can share knowledge, experience, post comments and ask questions.

Our Learning modules offer:

  • A ‘right now approach’: delivering learning straight to the user when they need it in bite sized manageable chunks which you can fit into your daily work schedule.
  • A ‘wherever you need it’ method of delivery: our e-learning and the platform on which it sits, are accessible through all devices including mobile (smart phones, laptops and tablets).
  • Consistency: no trickling down of information. Everyone gets the same messages. Everywhere. Consistently.
  • Engaging online learning: appealing to all learning styles, by using a mix of media and a range of interactive tasks to help the user remember what they’ve learnt.
  • Supportive: our e-learning modules will let you know how you are progressing and how well you are doing. Inspiring confidence.

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