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The NRI open course programme is ideal for those wishing to develop their own negotiation skills as part of continuous professional development (CPD), for companies looking to increase the performances of members of a team, as a refresher to prepare for a forthcoming deal, or even for those considering a career move and needing upskilling.


Our courses are delivered nationally and internationally, offering a staged or modular approach to CPD, from foundation and competent negotiator through to skilled negotiator and right up to expert. Whatever level of experience, delegates have the opportunity to ‘up their game’, to fine-tune their negotiating skills and advance their performance. Even the skills of seasoned negotiators can be challenged to be more effective in critical negotiations!


To become consistently successful and embed knowledge, negotiation behaviour and techniques should be reinforced regularly by follow-up sessions. Take a look through our programmes to find a course that meets your needs.


Current Dates:


The Negotiation Toolkit: Those that attend will leave with a Negotiation toolkit that will stand up in today's tough business world.


Midlands                        28th May 2015                                   

Midlands                        19th June 2015                                    


The Art and Skills of Practical Negotiation: This programme will test your Negotiation skills against NRI experts and provide you with feedback and coaching to ensure an instant return on investment.


Midlands                        16-17 March 2015                                

South East                     7th-8th September 2015                   


Negotiation Masterclass: The Masterclass programme assumes a level of Negotiation experience and takes us through the complexities of managing the people dynamics and cultural difference within global Negotiations.


Midlands                         28th-30th April 2015              

South East                      14th-16th September 2015   



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