Individual performance coaching


This produces highly motivated and innovative negotiation professionals. It is an interactive method that is designed to help buyers and sellers develop rapidly, with the focus on improving performance and/or behaviour. Our consultants empower individuals to develop and achieve success and to realise their true potential.


Coaching is offered on a face-to-face individual basis and involves an exploration phase to establish personal goals to improve negotiation performance, identify new strategies, skills and techniques to drive better deals. NRI coaches then ‘act out’ real live scenarios with the coaches applying the newly identified skills and will then provide personal feedback on further actions to improve performance in real life negotiations.

Corporate negotiation support


On occassion, some of our clients have not got the resource, capability or simply the time to maximise the savings potential in real live negotiations. NRI has helped many clients in the past achieve savings of between 10 – 30% by assisting negotiation teams through a five step coaching process.

An NRI consultant will meet with a team that has been selected to manage a live negotiation and take them through a three-day negotiation skills simulation which will include a bespoke case study. We will then prepare a negotiation plan and strategy with the core negotiation team and rehearse team roles.


One of our experienced consultants will join the team in live negotiations as an observer and give feedback at strategically set recesses. Our NRI consultant will prepare a closing conditioning statement for the team leader. We will then review the entire negotiation after agreement and plan continuous improvement for the organisation. NRI can also act as the lead negotiator with a client.

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