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Much NRI training around the world is in-company, tailoring programmes to corporate requirements. Companies often prefer a bespoke package of programmes to get the very best out of their employees whilst rewarding them with personal skills improvement and CPD.


Programmes, developed and delivered by highly skilled NRI practitioners, are adapted to suit your specific needs. We listen and respond to your business challenges, analyse what skills and capabilities you need, then build programmes which are cost effective and deliver benefit, personally and professionally, whilst also delivering a return on investment to the organisation.


We impart the theory of negotiation then encourage practice with experienced NRI negotiators – the only way to develop skills is by actually “negotiating”. Delegates are given a toolkit of techniques which are put into practice in an interactive and action-orientated programme. Participants have the opportunity to test out and rehearse their newly acquired negotiation skills through realistic role-play exercises in a risk-free environment that is perfect for increasing confidence, knowledge and skills.

Our training sessions are fun (always a great way to embed knowledge!), interactive, instructional and educational. They are practical and effective and develop existing negotiation skills by examining successful behaviours, enhancing interpersonal skills, and practising the styles used to manage critical negotiations effectively.


To obtain an overview of the wide variety of courses we can offer, please have a look at our open programmes. These topics can be tailored to help your organisation meet your business objectives.

Tailored negotiation programmes for your company – enquire now!

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