Lessons Learnt Workshop

On completion of any live Negotiation support activity there is an option for clients to engage with their dedicated NRI specialist who will facilitate a 'lessons learnt' workshop.  The aim of this workshop is to ensure all learnings from the review stage of the Live Negotiation are injected back into the business therefore increasing your organisations Negotiation capability.  The area of concentration are:

  • What went well
  • What needs developing for the next Negotiation 
  • How team working helped the organisation achieve it's desired goals/objectives 
  • How the objectives set in the preparation stage measured up to the final outcome


In addition we give advice on the method of continuousimprovement and raising the awareness and importance of negotiation.




  • A weekly surgery where employees can pop in for advice regarding a work issue
  • Monthy bulletin of skill tips and sucesses
  • Presentation slots at team meeting to share above

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