Many NRI consultants contribute to industry sector magazines and provide expert opinion on relevant topics. They are keen to encourage discussion of key negotiating issues. Here is a selection of articles.

Good Cop / Bad Cop  Useful Negotiation Tactic or destined for the recycle bin?
Andy Brown, one of our NRI consultants, has put together his thoughts on the Negotiation tactic, Good Cop, Bad Cop, read what he has to say below.
Andy Brown article August 2014.pdf
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Negotiation Tactics
Tricks? Ploys? Tactics? Or is it all just a game? Learn more about how people negotiate, equip yourself with essential tools of the trade, and find out about the four distinct tactic groups.
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The Four Pillars
NRI's four pillars of success enable you to learn and develop great negotiation skills.
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Chinese Negotiation
Doing business in China is quite different to western styles and when you are up against formidable negotiators like the Chinese you really need to equip yourself with cultural insight and enhanced sk
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Preparation & Planning
What you do or don’t do in preparation and planning will determine the outcome of all negotiations.

Without adequately defining your objectives, preparing a case and planning a strategy, your chanc
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