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News from May 18 2015


Why did the pre election polls get it wrong and the exit polls get it spot on?  Could it be that sometimes we ask the wrong questions to the wrong people?  In order to make a good decision it is essential to understand the position of the other party, especially in negotiation.  We need to follow a process which includes thorough planning, structuring of expectations, testing understanding and identifying the motivation of others before we make a move.  At NRI we have created the six phase approach and will be pleased to share it with you and help your business be more successful.

News from March 31 2015


Last week the FTSE 100 share index hit a historic high of 7,022.5 points, adding about £15 billion to the value of Britain's biggest listed companies.  The surge was prompted by a growing view that interest rates at home and abroad are going to stay lower for longer.  A great logic argument for your negotiations.  Please contact NRI for the rules to apply logic effectively.

News from February 23 2015


Fifty Shades of Negotiation - A great example of conditioning, headlines grabbed wherever they could to herald the opening night of Fifty Shades of Grey on 13th February, nearly every cinema sold out! Negotiating a business deal can use the same technique through release of selected information to condition positively prior to requesting a change of terms and conditions. 

Here at NRI we have fifty conditioning tactics we would like to share with you.

News from February 19 2015


Making the most of the Euro exchange rate.


The Post Office are advising that for £500 you can get around €67.50 more than a year ago.  If you're considering holiday destinations it seems you will get more for your spending money within the Eurozone. Use Emotion, logic and threat and negotiate yourselves a great Euro holiday deal now, then get out to but your euros and enjoy the rate.

News from January 13 2015


Global oil prices down,inflation set to fall another 0.2% in February to almost 1%, fuel prices down,utility prices under scrutiny.


What better time to hone your negotiation skills and chase an even better deal!

News from January 9 2015


Passenger duty for anyone travelling abroad from the UK is the highest air tax of anywhere in the world. There is growing momentum to remove this destructive tax which seriously hinders the expansion of business. Good news for families, air pasenger duty for under 12's is being removed from April this year. More pressure will see this extended to other categories.

News from July 28 2014


Summer Holiday Savings


On average parents will spend £500 entertaining their children over the next six weeks, more than 30% then last year.  Entry costs for a family at theme parks have risen from £40 to £100 in a decade.  However there is some good news, Club Card points can be used to get 70% off.  Club Card credit cards are also a good bargain, you can accumulate points quickly and convert them tokens.  Some of the cards of have 0% interest and 0% balance transfers.  However shop around, spending £500 with one supermarket can give as much as 20% difference on token value.  2 for 1 entries can be found at train company websites and also on cereal packets. It is also worth searching the internet for vouchers and apps.



News from June 17 2014


1. As a result of the announcement that interest rates may rise this year; the £ is at a 5 year high at $1.698 and 1.251 Euro.  If your business negotiations or holiday plans favour a strong pound then act now.


2. New rules from the EU consumer rights directive for on line shoppers prevent companies from charging up to 41p per minute when making telephone enquiries or complaints after making a purchase; local call rates must be charged in future.  Don't just state your grievance, propose a remedy and make sure you are compensated for poor service.



Negotiate a great deal...


The cost of owning a car is falling.For a petrol car worth less than £13000 the running costs have fallen by 15% and for a car costing £25000 costs have fallen by 20%.


So get out there and negotiate good deals on insurance,repair and maintenance! Also up to 20p per litre off petrol at Tesco!

10 June 2014

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